AwoTracker is a plugin for AwoCoupon Pro, which enables tracking of coupons and gift certificates used outside of direct online sales. Furthermore, it allows customers to view their gift certificate balances and coupon details. Its features include:
  • Track coupon/gift card usage outside of direct online shopping
  • Set groups with permission to record coupon/gift card use
  • Usage captured in AwoCoupon Pro reports
  • Optional auto-generated QR Codes inserted into Gift cards
  • Let customers view gift card balance and usage history
  • Let customers check discounts on coupons
  • Simple and easy to navigate front end page
    Installs like any other extension for Joomla. See for more information.
    Log into the administration screen and go to Components ยป AwoTracker.  Here you are presented with 2 main screens:
    This screen displays a log of users who have recorded the usage of a coupon in the front end.
    Ecommerce select the software you are using: Virtuemart, Hikashop, Redshop   
    Group with permission to record usage Options
        Select the group or groups with permission to record usage of a coupon in the front end.  It is recommended to use an admin or higher.  Do not use 'Public'.      
    Load JQuery in front end 
        The front end coupon page requires a little Javascript and JQuery is used.  This option allows you to enable/disable the loading of JQuery by AwoTracker.  If your template already loads JQuery, then you should disable it.   
    AwoTracker has a front end screen where you can view coupon details and with the correct privileges record usage.  To access this screen, yo have 2 options:
    • go directly to the url, where is your website address
    • Create a menu item through the Joomla menu system.  When creating the menu, select AwoTracker->Coupon Form.

    The page has 4 main sections:
    • Coupon Form: this is where you would enter the coupon code and the secret key in order to view the details of a coupon.  Depending on the type of coupon, some coupons may require you to enter also an email address or a username.
    • Coupon Details: this shows the details of the coupon code and whether it is active or not
    • Record Usage Form:  this form is displayed only for groups with the right privilege.  It allows you to record the usage of a coupon code
    • History of uses: this form is displayed only for groups with the right privilege.  It shows the usage history for the coupon code that is returned
    QR Code
    This component allows you to create QR codes for your sellable gift certificates, in order to quickly and accurately process usage. Setting up the QR code is easy. Here are the steps:
    • go to AwoCoupon Pro -> Profiles and select the profile you are using for the gift certificate
    • Make sure you have HTML selected as the Message type
    • Under the image setup section, under 'Free text 3', you should see 2 more fields, QR Code and Secret Key
    • Enable the QR Code by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the size you want, then setup where on the image you want it to be displayed
    • If you would like customer to be able to manually look up their coupon code, then you can also add the Secret Key to the image
    • Save and that's it
    • Now when a gift certificate is generated, a QR Code will be added to it. The QR code is embedded with a link to your website that will automatically pull up the front end page with details of the coupon code.
    Please contact the forum with specific question.