AwoCoupon » Installation

Backup your code before starting the installation process. Please read through the instructions carefully.

System requirements
Joomla 1.5 and up
Virtuemart 1.1.x and up, Hikashop 1.5.x and up, Redshop 1.1.x-1.3.x, Eshop 1.3.9 and up
PHP 5 or higher

Upgrading from Free Version
If you are upgrading from the free version, you do NOT need to first uninstall it. Simply install the pro version over the free version and everything will be installed as needed. You do not loose the coupons you currently have configured within AwoCoupon.

1.   Download AwoCoupon Pro to a location on your computer
2.   Log into Joomla as an Administrator
3.   From the top menu choose Extensions->"Install/Uninstall"
4.   Under the "Upload Package File" section press the "Browse..." button
5.   Find and select the file,, downloaded to your computer
6.   Install component by pressing "Upload File & Install" button
7.   You will receive a page telling you the status of the installation.

Note, once installed, make sure coupons are enabled within the store configuration before trying to use. If it is not enabled, the coupon box will not appear when checking out.

System requirements
Prestashop 1.4.1 and up, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x

1.   Download AwoCoupon Pro to a location on your computer
2.   Log into Prestashop Administration
3.   Go to modules
4.   Select "Add a module from my computer"
5.   Find and select the file,, downloaded to your computer
6.   Click "Upload this module"
7.   Under "Pricing and Promotion" section, find AwoCoupon Pro
8.   Click the "Install" button
9.   After successful install, go to Payment->AwoCoupon->Configuration to get started
10.   The override folder is populated with AwoCoupon code and is updated automatically, but if the update fails you can find the override files here:

 Be sure to backup any of these files if they already exist in your shop
Prestashop 1.7.x

- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/17/classes/Cart.php to override/classes/Cart.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/17/classes/CartRule.php to override/classes/CartRule.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/17/classes/order/Order.php to override/classes/order/Order.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/17/controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php to override/controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php
Prestashop 1.5.x and 1.6.x

- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/16/classes/Cart.php to override/classes/Cart.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/16/classes/CartRule.php to override/classes/CartRule.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/16/classes/order/Order.php to override/classes/order/Order.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/16/controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php to override/controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php
Prestashop 1.4.x

- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/14/classes/Cart.php to override/classes/Cart.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/14/classes/Discount.php to override/classes/Discount.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/14/classes/Order.php to override/classes/Order.php
- copy modules/awocoupon/helper/override/14/controllers/ParentOrderController.php to override/controllers/ParentOrderController.php

Note: It may be required to clear the class cache before the overrides start working. To do that, delete or rename the file /cache/class_index.php