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You can display a promotional page in the front end, which will show specifically promotions based on rules that use the following rule types:
  • Like our Facebook Fanpage
  • Post to Facebook wall
  • Tweet About Us
  • Follow us on Twitter
The admin has 2 ways of displaying these promotions
1. Within a module - With the installation of AwoRewards, the module "AwoRewards Promotion" was also installed. This can be configured to display a specific promotion anywhere within your content.
2. Display multiple promotions on a page - this can be done by creating a menu. Add a new menu item and select AwoRewards -> Promotions. If you want the latest promotion (highest ordering) in all 4 rule types to appear, then save. If you want to pick the specific promotions that appear, then under the "Select rules" section, you can select up to 10 different rules.

Promotions published to the front end are available for both anonymous and logged in users to view. In order to actually use a promotion the user must be logged in. Once a user has used a promotion:
- if it was a module display, the promotion will not be displayed for that logged in user anymore
- if it was a promotional page, the promotion will be greyed out and the customer will not be able to click it to use it again