AwoCoupon » Gift Certificate Codes

There are certain cases were you would like to choose your own code. AwoCoupon Pro gives you this ability. Using a csv file in the format specified, you can upload your own codes that will be used instead of auto generated codes. If there are no more usable codes, an auto generated code will be used in that case.

The csv input format:
  • [Column A] Coupon Code - can have up to 32 alphanumeric characters and must be unique per coupon
  • [Column B] Status - accepted values: Active, Inactive
  • [Column C] Admin Note - a note about the coupon or leave blank

To import gift certificate product codes, select "New" from the codes list.

Single selection: shows all your products tagged as gift certificate products.

Coupon Code
CSV Input - Text
Enter a unique coupon code of up to 32 characters

CSV Input - Option
Active: the code is not used and can be assigned
Inactive: the code is not used and cannot be assigned
Value Used: the code is used (cannot assign this status in the csv file)

Admin Note
CSV Input - Text
Internal note about the coupon