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  1. We use AWO Coupon on Prestashop and are thrilled with the functionality and level of support received from this developer. Seyi went the extra mile and helped us fix compatibility issues with other modules. In today's world it's hard to find developers like this.
    I can highly recommend their modules and expertise. Superb support. Thank you!

    Serge Balmer
    Director & Web guy
    New Zealand
    April 2022
  2. Support was absolutely fantastic, as a beginner I was unable too start but with the help of Seyi Awofadeju i was able to get started. Thank you SO MUCH!!

    Patrick Mc Cabe
    Web Guy
    November 2020
  3. Absolute treasure among extensions for VirtueMart eshop. So powerful extension with great support who is willing to advise in minutes from your support request. I love it.

    Petra Proch√°zkov√°
    Czech Republic
    November 2020
  4. A really must have !

    We use AWO module on our Joomla site since 2012 without any problem. We have decided to setup our new site with Prestashop and naturally we decided to keep AWO coupons module. We needed help and support to customize the module for our template. And we received a great support from Seyi. Each times we had an issue, Seyi had the solution even if we are located in France. This module contains so many options and so easy to use.
    Really the best support we never had. Thank you for your job and customer service.
    Eric, webmaster

    July 2020
  5. First of all the abilities that this extension gives you are endless. We have done a lot with coupons and gift certificates and I have barely touched the surface of the extensions capabilities. This is a must have for your store. But the reason I feel compelled to write a review which I rarely do is that there was an issue after I updated the extension. Right during our biggest sale so far. I was pretty panicked, to be honest. I simply used the contact form on the website to report the issue and the gentleman was very quick to respond. In less than an hour, the issue was resolved and we are good to go. That is what good business and dedication are about. Thank you so much for a great extension and for impeccable customer service!

    Michael Callahan
    Web Administrator
    February 2020
  6. In simple word their component works great.really easy to set up , Support is amazing Thanks Seyi Awofadeju for your amazing fast respond

    Jahan Ramandani
    Torotno Canada
    March 2019
  7. Simply wonderful!
    The kindest person in the "software development world" I ever met.
    And, obviously, behind kind person there are great products, as for all the series of "AWO".


    Vincenzo Tortora
    April 2018
  8. Excellent customer service and plugin!

    Jared Scerbinski
    March 2018
  9. After purchasing a rewards component elsewhere that did not work and had absolutely no support from developers I found AwoDev, purchased AwoRewards & AwoCoupon and through my own fault had a few teething problems. Firstly Seyi answered every question I asked in the forum very quickly with the answer I needed and when I couldn't get the last piece of the puzzle right he accessed my test site, spotted the problem and put it right for me even though it was something obvious that I'd missed myself.

    The components really are easy to set up and administer (I was just blind) and they work brilliantly with so many possibilities for our website so thank you Seyi for an amazing component that DOES WORK and for the best support I've ever known from a joomla developer.

    Ian Hempstock
    Web Guy
    February 2018
  10. We have the Prestasho Coupon module and it works great. Gives us options we didn't have with the standard module. Recently we had an issue where we couldn't access the list of coupons, but Seyi was quick to respond and fix the issue. Excellent service!

    Adrian T
    March 2017
  11. I was a bit skeptical about their products at first, but then I started reading the reviews and took the plunge.
    Wow was I impressed, their AwoCoupons Pro and AwoRewards are exactly what we were looking for and they work great !
    Easy to understand interfaces and very effective in getting more traffic to our website.
    When I needed support Seyi was cordial and helpful, he certainly knows the products well, its not often that you find support this great ! I am very happy with their products.
    I highly recommend them to anybody looking for excellent products.

    Adrian Salaices
    Dallas Texas
    February 2017
  12. We are using AwoCoupon Pro and we had a problem with the Dutch VAT calculation.
    Seyi solved this problem for us in no time and now everything is calculated the correct way.
    There was also the problem that the coupon with a value of zero euro was not shown in the cart.
    This was not a AwoCoupon problem, but a problem of my OPC extension. Seyi also solved this problem for me.
    Superb support.

    Regards, Jack Schuurkes

    jack schuurkes
    The Netherlands
    November 2016
  13. Can't give anything else than a five stars for everything. This component is absolutely genius and powerful and the support is faultless.

    Perfect all the way!

    Kenny Paquet
    May 2016
  14. Thank you so much Seyi! Your product is very useful, and support is
    always quick and kind.

    Product: AweoRewards for Hikashop, used on this site: href="">

    Jacques L
    Near Bordeaux (France)
    September 2015
  15. I would like to put 5 stars + and thank Seyi for his invaluable help.
    I appreciate his support and time he spent answering my questions
    and directed me in the right component to use.
    The modules available here skyrocketed my business and are trully the first in
    the market!

    Konstantinos Tsigkaras
    April 2015
  16. Hello Seyi

    I wanted to say a big thank you for your valuable assistance in the
    implementation of Awo Coupon Pro module and for your time.

    This is an important step has been crossed. Now we can confidently develop
    the rest of the site

    Thanking you
    Many greetings

    F S
    April 2015
  17. My advice is buy Awodev products and increase your sales. I am very satisfied with the AwoRewards module and much more with the great support I had. The support was extremely helpfull and very proffesional.

    Georgios Lentovas
    November 2014
  18. Just one advice for you all out there: buy AWO products.
    I use AWOcoupon and Rewards. Both products are great, the support maybe even greater.

    Jeroen Borgman
    January 2014
  19. Hello All,

    You cant go wrong with AWO Coupon for pretashop. It's literally 1/3 of the price of the presta-addons coupon/gift cert module and has wayyyyyyyyyy more features. It's super simple to set up and get going once you have it installed. The BEST feature of this module however is the customer service you get from AWO. Seyi is an awesome dude and helped me out PERSONALLY when module went AWOL and would not work. I was pretty sure that customer service for a company europe would be less then stellar for a buyer in the US but I was wrong. AWO will answer your messages or forum post same day. If your problem is a complex code one...they WILL solve it for you and get your product working the way it should.

    Bottom can trust these guys on any product they sell. Buy it!!!!

    Yusef J
    Average Joe's Gear

    Yusef J
    November 2013
  20. We used AWOCoupon with Virtuemart and now again with Prestashop. The products are excellent and Seyi & AWODev provide first class support and ad hoc coding services. Super reliable, super trustworthy.

    Dom Hughes
    June 2013
  21. We recently purchased Awo Coupon on behalf of a client who was making a switch to Joomla & Redshop for their ecommerce solution. The component is incredibly flexible, and I am amazed at the multitude of options available. If you are developing ecommerce websites for Joomla using Redshop, this component is a must.

    On top of that the level of support we've received is un-matched in my experience working with Joomla extension developers. Keep up the great work!

    Brendon McLeod
    Web Development Manager
    June 2013
  22. I needed to add a gift voucher system to our site and had a lot of questions before I could decide on the best system for us. I emailed Seyi and his replies came immediately in a lot of detail. I was very impressed and also satisfied that his product did exactly what I needed.

    After installation, I encountered a problem and emailed Seyi, and again he impressed with his excellent and quick response and support. He discovered some code errors in a different 3rd party app, and rectified it for me, and this was done at 1am. I have never experienced such excellent support from any developer, and I can recommend his products and services to anyone who is serious about having a professional site.

    Thank you Seyi!,

    J Lennox
    February 2013
  23. For creating a progressive and automatic discount system for my website I have decided to use AWO pro. During the installation of this solution, a very special way to use coupons system, my knowledge of PHP was too low to pretend doing it by myself. Seyi help us to realise this function with a professionalism who have to be saluted, quick, efficient, really pro for other pros. Thank you Seyi you saved this project. I am totally satisfied by our contact. Your support is a first class support.

    Frederic Sengeissen
    October 2012
  24. About a year and a half ago I was working on a Virtuemart project that needed coupons and I was thrilled to find out about AWO. Unlike many Joomla! paid extensions, AWO's Coupon PRO *does* work and it is undoubtedly programmed in an efficient way. What most programmers miss is the functionality and user-friendliness of their extensions: not AWO's. After working on 2 projects now using Coupon PRO and one using the regular version, I can guarantee you
    this IS the solution for you. The possibilities are endless.

    I recently contacted support for the second time ever but this time the problem was a bit more complex. I will not use flowery words or try to beat around the bush: Seyi assisted me all the way, fast, and we got the problem solved. My client is happy, I am happy, and I know this is a solid company starting not with the code but with the professionals who work it.

    Thank you for your professionalism and great product.

    September 2012
  25. Thank you! This is wonderful!... You have saved me a ton of time.

    Thanks again for all of your help, and thank you for a wonderful component. AwoCoupon is really incredible in its flexibility.

    Eric vanBok
    Winter Orchard Graphic Design
    September 2012
  26. We purchased AwoCoupon Pro in the hope of adding some much needed coupon functionality to our shopping cart and CRM programs. The installation went smoothly enough but an issue was flagged up with two core joomla files that the component was unable to add code to as we had modified them previously. We contacted Seyi, the developer, who went out of his way to find a fix for us..on a Sunday morning. He provided an outstanding level of support which when combined with such an excellent component is truly remarkable. For creating compelling coupons and gift certificates, this is by far the best solution we've found in the Joomla universe. Seyi , his team and products are a true credit to the community of Joomla developers.

    Paul Iliffe
    Managing Director
    September 2012