Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and Upgrades

Backup your website before starting this installation process. Please read through the instructions carefully.
System requirements
Joomla 1.5, Virtuemart 1.1.2 to 1.1.9
1.   Download AwoCouon for Virtuemart to a location on your computer
2.   Log into Joomla as an Administrator
3.   From the top menu go to Extensions->"Install/Uninstall"
4.   Under the "Upload Package File" section press the button "Browse..."
5.   Find and select the file,, downloaded to your computer
6.   Install component by pressing "Upload File & Install" button
Upgrading has the same process as installing. Simply use the Joomla install interface to upgrade your software. The installation file takes care of upgrading your files and database seamlessly. If you are using the pro version, you can retrieve the lastest version by downloading the original file you downloaded, it has been re-loaded with the lastest version.
File Download Area
If some or all of the Virtuemart insertions were unsuccessful, there are things you can do to fix it. If you are using the free version, please click here and follow the instructions. If you are using the pro version, you can log in to the admin section and go to AwoCoupon->Installation check. On this screen, a list of every successful and unsuccessful install will be listed. You have the option to try and re-install. If that fails, the likely reason is the file does not exist or there is no write permission. In this case, you need to add the file or give the write permissions to your server. If your installation is still unsuccessful, you should consult the user guide, which comes with the download. The section Virtuemart Injection (ONLY if Unsuccessful) will walk you through the installation process.


For each installation of Awo Software on a production website, a license is required and is automatically generated with your purchase. After the installation, you will be presented with the license screen, where you are required to enter both your production website and the license that was emailed to you. Once you click the activate button, the information is sent to our servers and a local key is generated for your website. This local key is temporary and will be valid for 14 days. At the end of the 14-day period, you have 3 options:
  • Renew the license for another 14 days
  • Transfer the license to another website
  • Create a permanent license
You are allowed up to 10 transfers/renewals in total. After that, you have to make the license permanent. Once your license has been made permanent, it will never expire and is non transferable. Note: the ONLY time that your website communicates with our servers is during the activation or renewal process. With both the valid license and local key, there is no further need to communicate with our servers.
Licenses are transferable if they have not been made permanent. To transfer your license:
  • Log into your Awo account
  • Go to the Licenses screen here
  • Click "Transfer/Renew" icon, , under the license you want to transfer
  • Confirm the details and Submit
  • Copy the generated Local Key into your Awo Software
To make your license permanent:
  • Log into your Awo account
  • Go to the Licenses screen here
  • Click "Make Permanent" icon, , under the license you want to make permanent
  • Confirm the details and Submit
  • *******IMPORTANT LAST STEP*******  Copy the generated Local Key from into your Awo Software
Of course. Even though AwoDevelopment Software is well tested and production ready, we fully understand that you might still need to test the functionality before putting it on a production website. While the license is in temporary mode, you have full control to choose the websites for which to activate Awo Software for. Once your license is permanent, development websites can be added to your license manually, provided they are not primary domains. Please contact us in this special situation.
Yes it will. A local key was created and downloaded to your site during the activation process. This is what is used to validate your Awo Softare. If your license is permanent then this will work forever and there is no further need to communicate with our servers. If you have a temporary license, then it will work until its expiration. At this point you will need to communicate with our servers to renew your license.

AwoCoupon Pro - Gift Certificates

Please read this blog post for a step-by-step explanation on how to do this. If you are still struggling after reading the post, please feel free to contact us.
Yes. If your customer has a gift certificate with a value of 100 and spends only 20 on the first purchase, the remaining value of 80 is left on the gift certificate and the customer can use it next time they shop with you. The gift certificate can be used as many times as it takes the customer to use up the value, or until it expires (optional setting).
This can be due to many different things, but here are some common issues that cause the email not to be sent. Verify these are set up properly.
  • If using AwoCoupon Pro 1.x, check the installation check screen and verify that 'Sellable gift certificates' is installed
  • On AwoCoupon -> Configuration screen, verify your order status is in Confirmed or greater, and make sure the order in question at least went through this order status
  • Check the folder permissions of www/tmp and make sure it is writeable
  • In the Profile screen of AwoCoupon, verify you have a default Profile selected
  • In the Profile used to send the email, verify the email body is not empty. AwoCoupon will not send an empty message.