AwoAffiliate » Front End

Within the front end, there are a few screens that an affiliate can view.

Joomla:  You can expose these screens by creating a menu item. To do this, go to the admin section, select a menu section, click new, and select AwoAffiliate.

Prestashop:  An "Affiliate" link will automatically show up in the customers account on the front end if they are an affiliate.

An affiliate can view a summary of his affiliate account. On this screen, all affiliate coupons are listed, including the number of orders for each coupon, commissions for each coupon, and the aggregate total of all orders.

An affiliate can view a more detailed report of the commissions' breakdown. Each commission is listed. There is also a coupon filter to only list commissions of a specific coupon.

Payment History
An affiliate can view the payment history as recorded by the administrator.