AwoAffiliate » Affiliates

The affiliates screen shows the overview of all your current affiliates. It lists the affiliate, the number of coupons associated to the affiliate, the orders, commissions and payments made. Within this screen, you can record the payment made for commissions. It is not possible to add an affiliate on this screen. An affiliate is added by adding a coupon code to a customer using the AwoAffiliates -> Coupons screen.

Record Payment
The record of payment is done from the affiliates screen. Select the affiliate to be paid and click 'record payment'.

Date: the date of the transaction

Payer (Prestashop only)
Selection: Manual or Paypal. If you have setup paypal in configuration, this can be used to directly transfer money from your paypal account to the affiliate.

Commission selection
Checkbox list: shows a list of commissions that have not been fully paid for. Simply check the commissions that will be recorded in this transaction.