AwoCoupon AcyMailing

AwoCoupon plugin for AcyMailing



This plugin enables you to generate and include in your Newsletter a personal Coupon Discount powered by AwoCoupon.

For each receiver, AcyMailing will first add a new coupon in AwoCoupon and then include it in your Newsletter.

Enter the options and click 'Create Tag' to generate a tag, then click 'insert tag' to insert the generated tag into your newsletter



· AcyMailing 5 to current version

· AwoCoupon 1.3.4 to current version




AWO Coupon

  • Coupon to Copy : This is the coupon created within AwoCoupon as a template that will be copied. The new coupon will hold all the properties of the template coupon, with the exception of overrides (optional fields).
  • Expiration : This field overrides the expiration of the template coupon. For example, if 30 days is entered, the coupon will expire 30 days from the time it was generated.
  • Exclusive to user : This field overrides the specific user field of the template coupon and restricts the coupon usage to the user it is being generated for.
  • Profile Image : Select an email template with a configured image, and an image will be attached to the email
    • Embed : If checked, the email will be embedded within the content
  • Use coupon codes from gift certificate product : To have full control of the coupon codes generated, you can setup a dummy gift certificate product and load your codes into it and select it here. The codes withn that product will be used, as long as the codes are not already a valid code in AwoCouon.
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