AwoCoupon » Reports

There are six standard reports offered within AwoCoupon Pro. 

How to run a report
1) Choose "Reports" from the menu.
2) From the Reports drop down, choose a report you want to run.
3) If you want to see all the data available without further specifiction, click the "Run Report" button. A new window will open displaying the report.
4) If you want to further narrow down the data you are interested in, make your selections under Order Details and/or Coupon Details section.
5) Once you have all the parameters selected click the "Run Report" button in the upper right corner. A new window will open displaying the report.

How to export a report
1) Run a report
2) When the new window opens with your report, click on the MS Excel icon located next to the report name on the left. A new window will open offering you the option to save the report.
3) Click the save button and save the report on your computer.
Note: reports will be exported as a csv. file

Coupon List
This report shows you the list of coupons you have created within AwoCoupon Pro. Since it is exportable as a csv file, it can be imported back into AwoCoupon Pro, if for instance, any of your coupons were mistakenly deleted.

Coupon Usage vs. Total Sales
This report lets you analyze the coupon usage compared to total sales, allowing you to see how many sales were perhaps generated by your coupon promotion and the revenue these sales brought to your business. Report is supported by graphical view too.

Coupon Usage vs. Location
This report lets you evaluate customers relative to their geographical location and their responsiveness to a specific coupon promotion. This proves to be helpful if your marketing campaigns are location specific, as it helps you to target a local consumer base more effectively.

History of Uses - Coupons
This report displays all the customers that have used a coupon during the ordering process. It is easy to analyze user's tendency to take advantage of coupon promotions and determine customer loyalty.

History of Uses - Gift Certificates
This report displays all the gift certificates within your store. With this report, you can view the value and balance left on all gift certificates.

Purchased Gift Certificate List
This report displays all the gift certificates that were purcased from your storefront. With this report, you can determine the user details of the purchaser.