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The Invitation section allows you to create multiple invitation forms. This is useful if you have different offers and want to attach coupon codes for each offer to entice a certain type of customer. In the front end,  the sponsor can look through the different templates and determine which to use and which is best for his/her audience.

Title(Text field)
Enter the name of the invitation, used as an identifier

Published (Options)
Published: active invitation
Unpublished: inactive invitation

Form Type (Options)
Email: invitation form for emails which sponsors can use in the front end
Facebook: invitation form for post to facebook wall which sponsors can use in the front end
Twitter: invitation form for twitter tweet which sponsors can use in the front end

Dropdown Description (Text field)
The text written here will be shown in a dropdown in the front end. This is the identifier for the sponsor. If there is only 1 invitation form in that section, it is not used.

Email Subject (Text Field)
Only used for form type of "Email". This is the subject of the email sent to friends.

Coupon Template - {coupon_code} (Text Field)
Not required. Select the coupon template (created within AwoCoupon Pro) that will be duplicated when sending this email/post/tweet.

Coupon Expiration (Days) (Number)
Set the expiration of the generated coupon code in days, leave blank if no expiration.

Email Message
This is the message which will be sent to the friend.
Dynamic Tags
 • {user_name} - the name of the customer
 • {username} - the username of the customer
 • {customer_link} - the registration link for the specific sponsor generated by the system
 • {customer_note} - allows the sponsor to write a note before sending
 • {coupon_code} - if selected under "Coupon Template", then this tag is used to place it