Rule not triggered - mail is not sending

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     3 years ago

    Hi! I would like to create a rule, so that my customers get a gift coupon in they purchase in my VM store.

    - Every customer (who buy anything) should get the email with the discount coupon regardless of the amount of the purchase
    - The coupon is a fix amount of 5000 HUF discount/product for the product that is above 30.000 HUF excluding products with discounted/sales price

    This is how I tried:

    1. I set up a coupon like this (every other field is left empty):

    Coupon Code: Gift5000
    Published: Template
    Percent or Amount: Amount
    Discount Type: Overall
    value: 5000
    Number of Uses (per Customer): 1
    Minimum Value: 30000 Overall
    Exclude Products on Special: Check

    2. I set up a rule like this (every other field is left empty):

    Rule Name: 5000gift
    Published: Published
    Customer Type: Everyone
    Rule type: Order
    Minimum Order Total Type: Per order
    Minimum Order Total: 1
    Credit Type: Coupon - Awo coupon
    Coupon templte: Gift5000
    Awo Copuon Profile: MyProfile

    - www/tmp folder is writeable
    - On AwoCoupon -> Configuration screen, my order status is in Confirmed
    - In the Profile screen of AwoCoupon, the default Profile Myprofile is selected

    What am I doing wrong?

    VM 2.6.0
    AwoCoupon2 .2.9

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     3 years ago


    It looks good.

    In the profile, MyProfile, is the email body blank? If so the email would not be sent out.
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     3 years ago

    No, the email body is not empty. Actually I tried with different mail templates/profiles but either works.

    The weird thing is I got the mail at the first time whan I test it. I dont know what happened afterwards, but now it is not working now.

    I tried with different settings/options to find out what the problem could be:

    - registered or guess checkout
    - different customer email address/user
    - different browser
    - Joomla core SEF on or OFF
    - different products
    - I recreated the copuon and the rule as well for several times
    - I checked the SPAM folder as well

    with every combination the same thing happens: the VM confirmation mail arrives but the AWo mail with the coupon doesn't

    I'm playing with this for 2 days now, and it is really driving me crazy....

    Any other ideas?
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     3 years ago


    Can you send me temporary admin and ftp access through private message to have a look?