Recommended migration path from Joomla/VM 3 to Joomla/VM 4

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     2 months ago

    Hello Seyi,

    is there a documentation for the recommended upgrade path to Joomla 4?

    I deactivated AwoCoupon in Joomla 3 and migrated to Joomla 4. On installing AwoCoupon over the old version I got errors, so I removed the old folders.
    I am still getting the error:
    Unknown column 'image_config' in 'field list'

    Having a migration documentation from the beginning might help to avoid any issues.

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     2 months ago


    Your tables are not updated.  Did you do this:

    - install a fresh copy of awocoupon on the joomla 4 site
    - delete all the awocoupon tables created
    - add the old awocoupon tables
    - load the awocoupon dashboard page, which should automatically upgrade the tables
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     2 months ago

    Hi Seyi,

    thanks for the help. It works now.

    Initially I did the first step only, including deleting all folders, but it did not install.

    This time in the test environment
    - I deleted the old tables,
    - installed version
    - deleted the tables again.
    - updated the live site from an old AwoCoupon 2 to the provided version 3.x.
    - exported the awo tables from live.
    - imported to the new installation.

    This time the migration of the tables worked.
    Inbetween I tried to use the old AwoCoupon 2 tables as I found in the live store and got a spinning wheel forever.
    So it's important to upgrade the J3 install to your latest 3.x version I guess and then use those tables.

    If you pin a documentation like that somewhere, it could help to finish this faster.

    Thanks again for your quick help