Eway Payment Plugin unable to connect to Payment Gateway

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     5 years ago

    Hi there,

    have been having some issues with this component. Appeared to be working well and then one user in the business started getting the error "Unable to connect to payment gateway" also had the problem of the cart showing the items but with $0 value. However, if she went to another persons computer on the same network she was able to process the order. Paying by Paypal is not a problem and payments go through.

    I have spoken to eway thinking that you may have to white list an IP but that is not the case.

    Versions running are:

    Joomla version - 3.8.3

    Virtuemart Version - 3.4.1

    PHP Version - 7.0.32

    Any suggestions would be appreciative.



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     5 years ago


    How do you have it setup.  Are you using rapid 3?  Immediate payment?