Eway Payment on Eway server

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     11 years ago


    I have enabled the Eway plugin on my server as
    Immediate Payments > Yes
    Eway Rapid > No

    I was expecting the credit card info to be only requested once the user was sent to the Eway gateway, However it is asking for the details on my website at the point of checking out.

    How can I edit it so the transaction ccard details are accepted on the Eway website, as I am expecting that if the details are requested on my site I would need to then need to setup a secure certificate?

    regards Karl
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     11 years ago


    Most likely you would also need to be pci compliant if accepting direct payments on your website. the plugin has 2 modes
    - direct payment on website
    - rapid 3 solution

    If you enable the rapid 3 solution then the process is different, the customer still enters the payment information on your website, but the difference is it is transmitted directly to eway. I do not believe you need ssl for this, but it is a good idea to have it, just so customers feel good about entering their details on your website.