Reward sponsor for friend's first order only

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     7 years ago  last edited 7 years ago

    Hi Seyi

    Can you please tell me if my settings are correct to reward a sponsor when his friend does the first order.

    My doubt here is that I have 2 order type rules and want to make sure both can work here.

    The first image is the basic rule for rewarding everyone for their orders:

    The next image is the rule I created for the sponsor.
    This should reward the sponsor only when his friend creates the first order.
    How to set it to first order only is where I doubt.
    I have set "order number to trigger value" to 1, is that correct?

    And finally I assume the friend will be rewarded by the rule "everyone" which is the idea but what about the Sponsor? Will he be rewarded still by the rule for everyone?

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     7 years ago


    Yes, the rules look fine.  For the sponsor, setting order number to 1 will reward the sponsor for just the first order of the friend.  And yes, the 'everyone' rule will apply to the sponsor when the sponsor orders.