[Prestashop] Table to be cleared to reset the points to all users

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     3 years ago

    Hi, I would need to reset user points every year and you explained to me how to do it from the extension. For needs with the customer I would need it to be done automatically and therefore I was thinking of creating a script that empties the table where the points are.
    Can this create problems or not? If not, tell me what is the name of the table to be emptied?
    thanks a lot

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     3 years ago


    The points are stored in #__aworewards table.

    There are the columns:
    - points
    - points_paid

    So you could just run the query
     update #__aworewards set points_paid = points where credit_type=points;

    Or as you say delete
     delete from #__aworewards where credit_type='points'

    The issue with this is you remove the history of points.