[Prestashop] Problem with adding points automatically after reset

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     2 years ago

    I don't understand why but I reset the points of all the members of the site and afterwards I could see though that in the table "ps_aworewards" about 100 new records are inserted every 10 minutes. I took a closer look at the inserted records and they are the old points that I reset.
    I looked through the Aworewards settings and found this cron (image attached)which happens to be triggered every 10 minutes.


    By turning it off Aworewards does not go and recreate the records again. What is the purpose of this cron?

    thnaks a lot
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     2 years ago

    The purpose of cron is to reward points in situations were there are no triggers.  Like for example product review, this would only reward through cron.

    If it is re-adding the rewards, it is because you have rules available that  the customers are eligible for rewards.  If you dont want them added, unpublish the rules and create one ones, or move the start date up.