Not comming email with points by setup customers groups and emails

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    Minion Interactive    
     2 months ago


    I setupped rules:

    - one group and etc. 200 rules by step 10 points

    - date from

    - shoppergroups - default

    - selected users (for testing - two users from bussines shopper groups, two users from default group)

    - setupped status order for add points

    - setupped cron on the server


    - created order

    - change status

    Nothing heappend :(pL1kX8S.png

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     2 months ago

    This should not necessarily work based on cron, should work immediately, and if for some reason does not, then cron will catch it.

    So in aworewards > configuration > Order Status to Trigger 'Order Rule' Reward, what did you set that to?  And are your orders moved to any of those statuses you setup?

    Also the order is over 100 and the users you used are in the user group you setup?