Multi level redeem

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     7 years ago  last edited 7 years ago

    Hello, there are some things I can not understand ... but for now I just want to ask one question at a time:
    I ask: Can I schedule a series of levels (which the customer should be able to choose when redeeming points) to redeem points? For example: 100pt = 1 €, 200pt = 2.50 €, 300pt = 4 € (this will stimulate the customer to try to accumulate more points before using them.

    If the customer had 220 points he should be able to choose to use 200 and should maintain a 20 point credit)

    If so, how should I do it? Ps: I do not have AwoCoupon.
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     7 years ago


    Interesting idea, but no, you cannot set the ratio based on how many points the customer is redeeming.