Fatal Joomla Error after installing AWO Rewards

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     7 years ago

    Since purchasing and installing the AWO Rewards module, I get a fatal Joomla error almost on every movement on the site. I tried reinstalling but same result.

    Pls check details below

    RuposTel OPC plugin detected a problem with your site. Your site caused a blank screen upon a visit of this URL: http://staging2.orgonite-brasil.com/index.php?option=com_aworewards&task=cronjs&time=1492558135 Error message data: 1 Class 'awoParams' not found in file: /home/orgonit2/staging/2/administrator/components/com_aworewards/helpers/cron.php line: 33 timestamp: 2017-04-18T23:29:07+00:00
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     7 years ago


    Can you please update to the latest, 2.3.4, this issue has been fixed in that version.