every euro 2 points

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     7 years ago  last edited 7 years ago

    hi, i think i'm not understanding the process of point earning: i want to set 2 points earned for every euro spent.

    i set: per order,

    min.order total 1€

    credit type: points

    points: 2

    so if i spend 100€ i should have 200 points. instead i only gain 2.. where am i wrong?

    never mind i got it! ^_^
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     7 years ago


    Great, but for others who read this here is what you do:

    For this, you would set the "Percent of order total" field.  To earn 2 points for every 1 euros, you would set the field to 200.
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     6 years ago  last edited 6 years ago


    At first I did as Serena wrote.

    Next as Seyi suggested.

    but i doesn't work for me.

    I don't get any points (this rule is not applied).

    I want to give 5 point for each spent Euro. How to do it? Because I can see still 0 points on my account.

    I have very similar rule but set on coupon which is emailed  to customers when their order exceed 350 Euro. It works.

    link to screen

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    Finally I figured out how it works (hopefully). I had turned on Automatic Payout so this is why I couldn't see points in module "AWO REWARDS POINTS"


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     6 years ago


    Yes, if you turn on automatic payout, and the points meet the minimum requirement, the points will be converted to the payout you set.  but you can always see what the credits are on the credits screen in the front end, or in admin->aworewards->credit history screen.