Coupon at user registration

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     7 years ago

    Dear all,

    I'm using AwoRewards to send a coupon when a user is registered at my site.
    But the coupon is send before the user has respond on the 'activated' link.
    I would like to have send the coupon when the user is activated.

    Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance
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     7 years ago


    You can but would have to make a little change code wise. So to do this, go to:

    www/administrator/compoenents/com_aworewards/helpers/estore/virtuemart/rewardshandler.php, around line 100 in function queryRegistration is this:

                    WHERE 1

    Change it to this:
                    WHERE u

    Then disable the plugin "User - AwoRewards".

    This will stop the reward from being sent immediately after registration, and will work on cron. So when it finds a registered user who is activated that has not yet received the reward, it will then process it.