Can't figure out how to set up points rule.

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     6 years ago

    I've used AWO coupons and AWO rewards for years so thanks for making such great products! I am trying to set up a points rule and need a little help.

    I want to set up the rule as such:

    When order status us changed to "Shipped" (custom status already created in VM and set up in AWO Config) to apply the following simple rule:

    User earns 1 point for every $20 that is spent and once the user reaches 100 points, a 10% off coupon is automatically emailed to the user which then resets the points back to zero for it to repeat itself all over again.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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     6 years ago


    Ok, so with AwoRewards, you can create a rule that collects points for each order:
    - rule type: order
    - Minimum order total type: per order
    - Percent of order total: 5
    - Credit type: points

    Then in AwoRewards -> coupon payout (request), you can create payout where the customers can trade 100 points for a 10% coupon.

    This is not automatic, the customer in the front end would have to request the coupon when they hit 100 points.  There are automatic coupon features within AwoCoupon, but they are based on the amount of points the customer has earned, not on percentage coupons.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.