Can I create plans / groups?

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     4 years ago

    My need is to create groups where the user has different bonuses.
    Let me explain better: I would like to create three floors (gold, agent and bronze)
    when one registers on the site and makes the first purchase it is in the bronze plan, then on the basis of the orders he acquires points and for example they reach 1,000 points he passes to the silver plan and has them with different bonuses and so on. it's possible? if yes, how?

    thanks a lot

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     4 years ago


    Sounds like you might need some custom code to get this to work.

    In AwoRewards, you can create different order rules for different user/shopper groups and set the points each level should be receiving.  But there is no functionality to move them to the different groups.

    So you probably need to create a cron that runs regularly and looks through all your users, and based on points they have move them to the correct group if need be.  This is the customized part.