Aworeward Product inquiring

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     7 years ago

    Good day sir,

    What a great product you have here for Joomla. I am so glad to come across it. Few years back when I first saw it and compared it with Alphauserpoint, I didn't hesitate to go for Alphauserpoint. But for your continue development of this component, it is now the first choice for everyone who want to run a successful user reward and affiliate, eCommerce and membership website.

    Kudos to you and your team.

    Some of the notable things I like so much with one of your product – Aworeward/Aworeferral management system are:
    1. Being able to manually add and remove new referral to a user in the system.
    2. The option for points and coupon reward for users.
    3. The conversion of points to cash.
    4. Etc.

    Please I want to confirm something before I can go ahead to order for this great product of yours as quickly as possible.

    Question 1. Please I will like to know if Aworeward is together with Aworeferral or whether they are one and same thing?

    Question 2. Please under Aworeferral/rule, can I be able to create a rule of my own through the admin referral rule that can affect the function of the sponsor or friend or both for sponsor and friend?

    Question 3. Under Aworeferral reward rule, is there a rule that can enable the admin reward both sponsor and his direct referred friend at the same time anytime the direct friend/referral carry out any reward able action on the site? If not, can you be able to customize one for me?

    For example, John sponsored Peter, I want to be able to reward both John( the sponsor) and Peter(the friend) at the same time with the same percentage of xpoint whenever peter( the friend to John) carry out any reward able action, both at the same time. If not, can you be able to customize one for me?

    Question 4. Under Aworeferral reward rule, is there a way for the admin to manually give custom reward (points or coupon) to either the sponsor or the friend, or both the sponsor and the friend at the same time? If not, can you be able to customize one for me?

    Lastly, question 4. Apart from PayPal, etc, can I be able to add any other custom payment system to effect the points to cash pay out to users of my site? If not, can you be able to customize one for me?

    Please I will be waiting for your reply soonest.

    Best Regard,

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     7 years ago


    Glad you are seeing AwoRewards as a good option for your shop. To answer your questions:

    1. AwoReferral does not exist any more and its functionality now exist within AwoRewards.

    2. Yes, using AwoRewards. There is an example setup here:

    3. this seems to be the same question as number 2. What is the difference between the 2? But again the answer is yes. For example. you can create a rules so both the sponsor and friend earn points when the friend registers, orders, leaves a product review, or when the friend has a birthday.

    4. Yes, you can manually add/subtract points to any customer in your shop.

    5. Paypal is the only supported way, but if you have something else in mind, I can certainly customize it. I would charge for the work.

    Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have further.
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     7 years ago

    This is great. I am so excited.
    Yes, from now on I am going to tire the success of my online venture on your product. Please be there for me at all time.