AwoCoupon codes in AwoRewards & minimum value

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     7 years ago

    Hi Seyi

    Few doubts here with Awo Starter and AwoRewards.

    1 - If I create a manual coupon from backend in Awo Starter it does not appear in AwoRewards in the Payment History page where all active coupons for a customer are created. Is this intended? Does not appear either if I create a normal VM coupon.

    2 - In awocoupon starter when you create a coupon from backend the "minimum value" is referring to the minimum value of the order so that the coupon is applied? Does it count shipping? or only the subtotal (product + tax)?


    So you understand why we ask you this, the idea is to create a coupon of only one use per customer but only above certain total (euros).



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     7 years ago


    1.  the coupon code will not appear if it is created manually in AwoCoupon.  It will appear on AwoRewards Payment History only when points for the customer has been converted to a coupon.  This is the payment received and so appears on the payment history.

    2.  the minimum value is just the product total including tax, it excludes shipping.