AlataUserPoints and AwoRewards

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     3 years ago

    thanks for those components.

    Currently I have AltaUserPoints with points for each of my users.
    AwoRewards got all my users, but the points are all empty.

    Is there's a way to import all from AUP to AwoRewards or to instruct AwoRewards to use them directly ?
    And is it possible to round the points with AwoRewards ?

    I mean in the worst scenario, I'm ready to remove AUP, but only if I can import the points before.
    Also when I want to redeem points with the module I just get a simple "error" but nothing happens.
    And I have no form on the invitation page.


    Thanks in advance
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     3 years ago


    You can copy points from AwoRewards to AUP by setting up an automatic payout of points to AUP.  For the other way around, you can try this:

    Be sure to backup backup backup before running just in case you need to go back.

    As for the other issue, to see the redeem button on the points module, you must have setup a payment.  How did you set it up?