AWO for acymailer on Joomla/ Virtuemart: Multiple coupons and exclusive Coupons for users

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     11 years ago


    Thank you for all previous answers, It allowed me to post out my first newsletter last week!!

    This question refers to a refinement of what I am doing. I read on another post that you can do multiple coupons.

    My requirements are that two or three products are discounted 15% while another two or so are discounted 25%.

    I imagine that I would need to make two separate coupons for this to happen? In a previous answer you said to configure AWO for multiple coupons but the Free version for VM doesn't have a configuration option?? Does it mean that I need to buy your Pro version and it will work with the Commercial version I bought for AWO working with ACY?

    How will the set up work in the newsletters? Would I present them with TWO coupon codes, and they have to input both into the checkout if they select items from the two different coupons? IF so you have set it up this way as it would be too complicated in your Coupon set up to attached different Coupon percentages etc to different products in the shop in one Coupon??


    You have said before that you can only tick the User specific box in ACY MAILER for a coupon to work specifically with a VM registered person.

    I often use two or more lists with ACY mailer, and that means (except for the VM users) that anyone can just pass their email on to anyone to use for discounts (I guess that doesn't matter as they will have to register on VM to buy a product, then they will automatically become part of the next newsletter - plus I use the only two uses restriction on the coupons).

    However the nice thing about VM registered users, is that in your coupon program you can edit (select all or just some users) who gets the coupon in your coupon set up. There is no easy way to do this in the ACY screen. What happens if you select only half of the VM users in your coupon, add the COUPON tag in the newsletter, and then send to the VM list - does ACY mailer send to all on the list or only to the ones that your program generated coupons for?

    Cheers, Bruce
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     11 years ago

    Hi Bruce,

    Lots of questions.

    For the 25%/15%, you can create one coupon code you give out to users using the parent coupon functionality. For parents or multiple coupons you will need the pro version. The basic idea would be
    - Coupon A: 25% off the specific products
    - Coupon B: 15% off the specific products
    - Coupon C: Parent coupon, join coupon A and B into this coupon and use the process type of 'all that apply'
    Then give out coupon C. In the pro version, you will need to make Coupon C a template for it to work with acymailing:

    For the User specific box, if ticked then it will work with the Joomla registered user you send it to. If you are sending the newsletter to a user who is not registered then that coupon will never work for that user, in this case it is better not to tick the box.

    And Acymailing will send to the list you specify, no matter what users you selected wen creating your coupon. If you just wanted a coupon code to work for just some specific users, then it is best to create a newsletter group for them, add them to that group, create a coupon code for them, add them to the coupon code and when sending the newsletter, send the specific coupon code. In this case I do not really think you need a tag, or to generate different coupon codes, as you have already limited the use of the coupon to the specific users.

    Hope some of this is clear.