[Resolved] Wish List: cumulative discount per item groups

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     8 years ago

    At first, thank you for your module, that resumes many features I have already implemented in my personal VM mods.
    I would like to suggest you a feature that I had to make in my website, and I think could be appreciated from other people.

    I had to code an "amount discount per item": it may happen that you would like to give a certain discount (in my case it was a fixed amount, but it could also be a percentage) for a certain number of products: when the customer add those items to the chart, he receives a discount per each bought item.
    This is an example of what I mean.
    Let's we say that you have 5 items you want to promote, and for each of them you want to give a $10 discount to the customer. If you add to your cart 1 of those items, you'll receive a $10 discount. If you add another one of them, you should receive 2 x $10 discount, and so on, up to have 5 x $10 discount if you add the whole 5 items.
    It could also be a percentage discount (i.e. 1% for one item, 2% for 2 items, 5% for 5 items)
    A further development could be the possibility of having progressive discount ($10 for 1 item, $20 for 2, $50 for 3, $100 for 4, etc, or 1%-2%-5%-10% etc)

    In my specific needing, I had to code that when selling software: the producer made that promo, and we hab been forced to make the same one.

    I hope you could code that in a near future
    In any case, thank you for your effort in making a so useful module.

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     8 years ago

    this functionality now exists in the pro version: