VM Coupons and Permissions

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     4 years ago

    Dear Awo,

    I must say, I am very happy with your extension. Thank you for developing such a great extension. However, I'd change 2 things:

    1. I think it would be nice to have standard VM coupon functionality disabled automatically once AWO Coupon Pro is installed. This way it would be easier to manage coupons in a single place.
    2. It would be nice to have a permissions functionality just like in Joomla and recently introduced in VM. This would allow access to the extension back-end to certain users and not the other ones.

    Otherwise, it's a great extension. I love it.

    Thank you.
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     4 years ago


    I believe by default the shopping cart coupon is disabled. But it can be enabled by going to awocoupon->configuration and setting 'Enable store coupons' to 'yes'.

    For the permissions, yes, I saw what Virtuemart did, really nice. I dont think any thing that complicated will ever be implemented in AwoCoupon. With Joomla 3.0, its easy to add permissions, because it is a simple xml file and you can set which groups can access AwoCoupon and which cannot. So when Virtuemart starts supporting Joomla 3, this feature will be available.

    Of course, there are also 3rd party software that will handle the permissions stuff, such as this: