[Resolved] random gift certifcate code and print

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     7 years ago

    i was looking for a random gift certificate code generator and able to print them.

    i don't know if this is something that could be done, together or 2 different projects for an idea.

    the idea is to create like a quantity of 200 $5.00 gift certificates with different codes on each and print them to send out to events.

    I have found another coupon extension that i believe is capable of this, i don't know if it is compatible with with AWO, but it is called AD coupon.

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     7 years ago

    Hi Jim,

    I was re-reading the post and realized maybe it is the wrong approach. AwoCoupon was developed in hopes of getting rid of auto generated coupons. How about this for an alternate idea: create a coupon in AwoCoupon with a value of $5. And if you would like to limit the number of times it is used, then do so, lets say 200 total. Then you could print out a brochure with the same code and distribute it at events.