Printable Coupon PDF

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     6 years ago

    It would be nice if you add this functionality: If you create a coupon ( or many coupons) you shoul be able to print them out (mybe with a image as background an so on or as ready coupon template where the code is insert ) .

    So you can give a customer in a real shop a coupon and then the customer can use it in the online shop or direkt in the real shop.
    Or that you are able to use Coupons on flyers or something else so that it is only a copy and paste or a cutting out with a scissor ... or maybe the component produces a few Din A4 flyers (maybe out of a pdf template or so ) and the different Codes are inserted automaticly ...

    The last point is realizable with the current component version but the first point would be nice , so it is possible the create with an minimum amount of time a nice coupon in the shop .
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     5 years ago

    Im having an issue now where the clients are getting the coupon cropped when trying to print. If it were sent as a PDF instead of a JPG the client would have a much easier time printing it. Is this possible?