Offer more options for product selection

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     8 years ago

    From the documentation:

    "Example 2
    Coupon Code: COUPONCODE
    Published: Published
    Function Type: Coupon
    Number of Uses: blank
    Percent or Total: Value
    Discount Type: Overall
    Value: 25
    Minimum Value: 100
    Expiration: 2020-10-17
    Customer: 2 chosen
    Products: 3 chosen
    This coupon will work for the 2 customers chosen as long as their shopping cart total has a minimum total of 100 and at least one product in the cart is one of the 3 chosen in the coupon. It is a permanent coupon so it will work everytime used as long as the criteria are met. The coupon will become invalid on October 17, 2020."

    So currently, the product selection means as long as there's one out of the 3 chosen products in the coupon, the coupon is eligible (of course other requirements should meet). But what if I want the logic below:

    Only if all the products in the cart belong to the 3 chosen products, the coupon is eligible. Any other product in the cart, the coupon can't be used.