[Resolved] Need a coupon comment field on the admin backend

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     7 years ago


    This issue has only arisen because of the usefulness of your product. So you did it to yourself.

    I'm drowning in my own coupons. I have so many coupons and gift certificates that I finally began keeping coupon notes in a word processor. I couldn't keep track of what certain coupons were for or why I may have created a single customer specific one time 15% discount coupon. Did I owe a refund like an in-store credit? Did the customer do me a favor? Was it to smooth out some ruffled feathers? And so on.

    We also advertise in three national and one international magazines. Today, I had to submit a quarter page ad (tomorrow was the deadline) that had a coupon code that isn't effective until July 1st when that issue comes out. And I can't remember what I did yesterday!

    So it would really help the administrator (me) if there was a comment or memo field for each new coupon and gift cert entry. Needn't be anything fancy, just function as a simple memory jogger.

    Anybody else agree?

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     7 years ago

    added, version 1.3.1.