[Resolved] History Of Uses Suggestion

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     5 years ago

    Hi Seyi,
    Hope your well.

    Just using AWOCouponPro in a new Virtuemart 3 Site for a big company that runs a lot of special offers, but finding it hard to scan over the history of uses.

    Can there be a summary for the history of uses that just shows how many times a coupon was used, what value was spent, what value was discounted, etc.

    I have a run a recent coupon that ran over a weekend, but after looking at the history of uses there are 15 pages of uses for this one coupon.

    Andy Connell ;)

    PS - JAB16 Barcelona :) You looking to go?
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     5 years ago

    Hi Andy,

    I think you can go to AwoCoupon->Tools->Reports and pull the data there. You can then export it to excel and do any data mining you like.

    No plans for jab16. :(