Coupon Modification required

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     7 years ago

    Hi there, posting here as I could not get the contact form to work.

    I am using your solution on one of my sites but would love a modified version that maybe you could help with.

    On another website, to simplify the user experience I have had a version of the standard VM coupon system modified so that instead of being asked for a coupon code, the user makes a selection form a dropdown list of available coupons. These are displayed such as:

    I received your catalogue
    I received an email from you
    I saw an advert in The Times Magazine
    and so on

    You can see the current mod in action at

    Each option in the list has a coupon code attached to it but the user does not see it. This is great as we are able to track EVERY order on the site. The problem I have with the current system is that sometimes we do need have the ability to enter a coupon code so we would like the user to have a choice, either make a selection from a dropdown, or type in a coupon code. The second problem would be solved by your component's existing functionality in that we need to allow a wider range of coupon types and also need coupon codes that do more than one action.

    It would also be good if we could have the ability to create a URL that takes the user to a specific VM Category page and also adds a coupon code into the cart so the user automatically gets any coupon offer.

    Could you get back to me with an idea of if this is something you could do (any of it), and how much it would cost.

    Kind Regards - Steve
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     7 years ago

    Hi Steve, I sent you an email.