[Resolved] Balance of coupon and apply to postage

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     8 years ago

    I have been looking for a decent coupon addon. Well done.
    Is there any way that a customer can use part of a coupon?
    We use gift certificates and sometimes customers would like to use part of their gift certificate in one shop and then use the balance the next time. I guess I am almost asking for a "rewards card" scenario.

    Also, is there anyway to have coupons that can be used for postage costs.

    We would love to create a "free" postage coupon that would cover what ever the postage costs were.

    Big asks I know, but these would be very helpful features for my online store.
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     8 years ago

    gift certificates, where the balance can later be applied if not all used the first time, and shipping coupons (for flex and standard shipping) are now available in the pro version: