Automatic creation of coupon code after virtuemart purchase

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     8 years ago

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for the following feature in awocoupon:

    1. Customer places an order of € 100
    2. After order customer automatically receives a couponcode of 5% of the total order, so 100 x 0,05 = 5 euro
    3. When a customers places another order the couponcode should be updated with the new amount (or a parentcoupon could be used).

    Best regards,

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     8 years ago

    please check your email
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     8 years ago


    I also would like this function. but like this

    1. Customer places an order of € 100
    2. After order customer automatically receives a couponcode of 10%
    3. He can use this 10% discount in he's next order --- If next order value is 200€, he will get 20€ discount

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     7 years ago

    Hello -

    If you want to trigger the creation and emailing of an AWO Coupon based on products or categories/quantities purchased, this can be done by using an extension called VirtueMart Purchasing Rules that is integrated with AWO Coupons. We have selected AWO Coupons as the preferred coupon extension for integration with our business logic engine for VirtueMart. It does not handle triggering by order value, however, so it may not suit your exact needs.

    Here's how the two work together:

    - Set up a business logic Rule in Purchasing Rules that says if a customer makes a certain qualifying purchase (by quantity, category, etc.), then an AWO coupon should be triggered.

    - A unique AWO Coupon is generated on the fly when the qualifying items are added to the cart. You would set this up as a coupon "template" in AWO and a unique coupon code is automatically created for each customer

    - You can email an automatically generated coupon upon final checkout, based on a qualifying product purchase (uses AWO Coupons PRO email function in the gift certificate area)

    - If the customer removes the qualifying items before checkout, Purchasing Rules removes the coupon from the cart and invalidates it. This keeps customers from "gaming the system"

    You can read more about our extension here:

    We are really excited about the possibilities for marketing campaigns when you use these products together, as you can tell. We're planning to create a redSHOP compatible version that will also integrate with Seyi's AWO Coupons for redSHOP (which blows away any other coupon component available for that shopping cart).

    ~ Deb Cinkus, CEO of Polished Geek