will it work if users are not logged in ?

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     6 years ago

    Love this product having just found it so im sure i will be a pro user soon.
    It appears to me that the coupons only work if the users are logged in - is it possible to create a coupon that will allow users to apply the coupon before they login?
    it seems to me that many will do this before they login or register on the site and if the coupon doesnt work then they will be put off and leave the site.
    I would like to create coupons like this also because if a new person joins the site after creating the coupon they wouldnt be a able to use it.

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     6 years ago

    Hi Richard,

    Yes you can create coupons that do not require the user to be logged in to use. These are the only types of coupons that require log in:

    - if you select specific users that will use the coupon
    - if you set the number of uses per customer

    In both situation, need to check that either the user is on the list or that the user has not used the coupon too many times, hence the requirement.