Why even other products are discounted ??

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     6 years ago

    Hello there !!

    I'm using the free version in VM1. I would like to give away coupons so that they only are applied to some product, i thought that AWO could give me a hand but I have a problem:

    I apply a specific coupon un PRODUCT A

    It works well and if I buy a product not to be discounted ( let's call it PRODUCT B) the coupon doesn't work.

    But if I got in the cart PRODUCT A and PRODUCT B in my cart the whole discount is applied to both products (A and B)

    I would like to sell A at a discounted price and B at full value... would it be possible,,, is there a bug in my VM ?

    Upgrading to Pro will solve this issue ??

    Thanx !!!


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     6 years ago


    Set the discount type to 'specific'. I assume you have it set to 'overall', which discounts all products in the shopping cart.