Virtuemart Adminitration Is Slow Or Not Loading Completely

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     3 years ago


    Hello once again. We are using your extensions for Virtuemart and I thought I'd ask a question somewhat related to that. We started experiencing some problems with VM back-end while the rest admin works just fine.

    So when we try accessing VM back-end it's either slow or not loading at all. Chrome & IE gives this problem, while Firefox loads everything, but at a very slow speed.

    We haven't changed anything other than adding new products. I cloned the site on demo server and it seems to be working fine. We contacted our hosting to see if they made any changes, but they assured that everything seemed fine and not changes were made. Since we are using your coupon and referral extensions I thought it might ring any bells... Would you possible know what could be causing this? Coupon & referral extensions work just fine. Weird. :(

    Thank you in advance.
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     3 years ago


    Never heard of any of our product affecting the loading of Virtuemart.

    Not sure what it could be, I would start with google chrome/firefox. Right click on the page in question and click 'inspect element', then go to the console tab. Refresh the page to see if there are any problems there. This should detect javascript problems.