value discount greater and wrong calculation!

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     7 years ago

    Hy guys.....

    i have virtuemart 1.1.6 and i have a product that costs 49.99 with a discount of 83.30 (for other reasons is much greater)

    the problem is when i apply the coupon it does say on top

    "Info: The Value of the Coupon is greater than the current Order Total, so the Coupon Value was temporarily set to £49.99"

    but on the cart i have

    Subtotal: £49.99
    Coupon Discount: - £49.99

    Total: -£10.00
    Tax Total: £0.00

    So for some reason instead of setting it to zero (and than needs to calculate the shipping fees as they are important) it sets it to -10.00

    any idea why?

    it has to be set to zero and than apply the shipping seems to do it but that -10.00 basically doesn't allow me to use the plugin

    help please!
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     7 years ago

    Hello, what exactly is the settings of your coupon?