Value Definitions - Discounts the product price and not the set definitions when discount is more than the product?

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     4 years ago

    Hi All,

    My Value Definitions need to go up by $9 with each product quantity to provide free shipping for this product.

    For example : 1-9:2-18:3-27:4-36:5-45 and so on.

    It seems that if my product is worth more than the discount it works. Example product is $35 and the discount is $9 it works perfectly.

    But when I use a product that is less than the set discount it only discounts the product price. Example product is $7.95 and the discount is $9 it only discount $7.50.

    I have tested it for hours and used the User Guide to help without success.

    Please advise how I can get the coupon to discount the $9 when my product price is $7.50.

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply,

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     4 years ago


    I do not really understand this. How can you give a discount more than is in the cart?

    So if you have one product in the cart which as a value of 5, you want the full discount of 9 to be given which would bring the order total to -4?