Value Definition apply to specific number, not a range?

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     2 years ago

    I am currently using the following value definitions

    2+ item(s) >> total discount 5%
    4+ item(s) >> total discount 10%
    6+ item(s) >> total discount 15%
    8+ item(s) >> total discount 20%
    10+ item(s) >> total discount 25%

    So 2 or 3 products get 5%, 4 or 5 product get 10%, etc.

    Is there a way to only apply discount the the specified value and not the value range?

    So 2 products get 5%, but 3 products get no discount. 4 products get 10% but 5 products get no discount?
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     2 years ago


    Not with value definition, but could probably do it with parent coupon, would have to create a coupon for each quantity. Something like this:

    Coupon 1: minimum quantity:5, value:0
    Coupon 2: minimum quantity:4, value:10
    Coupon 3: minimum quantity:3, value:0
    Coupon 4: minimum quantity:2, value:5
    Coupon Parent: add all coupons ordering from highest quantity to lowest, and set process type to first found match

    Then give out the parent coupon