Using ReMarkety to create dynamic coupons

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     4 years ago

    Hi Seyi,

    Ive set up a Remarkety ( ) account and I am trying to set up a AWO pro template coupon that I can use within some re marketing emails that are being sent out.

    I want to start with a free shipping coupon and according to Remarkety, all I need to do is add a dynamic tag like this {insert_dynamic_coupon type="awo" value="5"} Where value="5" is the id of the template coupon.

    So I started to set up a template coupon, but started to get confused (i know it doesnt take much) as to how this will work?

    I set the function type to coupon, published to template & added in the price of shipping.

    But If I use this in remarkety how can I set the template up so that;

    It produce's a unique coupon code every time.
    Only allow that coupon for that specific user.

    Thanks in advance,

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     4 years ago

    Hi Andy,

    I think those are both questions for Remarkety. I think by default it will automatically generate a new unique coupon code everytime, but for the 'specific to user', that would have to be an option added to remarkety to allow you to set.