Three buttons in cart for 3 coupon codes

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     a year ago

    We purchased AWO Pro. We offer 3 coupons:
    free product1, with minimum purchase
    free product2, with minimum purchase
    2.5% discount to each product, no minimum purchase, maximum of 25%

    We want to enable the coupons by buttons. Instead of coupon code text input, 3 buttons will display in the cart. When the customer clicks a button, that coupon will be applied to the cart items.

    Coupon 1 adds free product1 to the cart, with minimum purchase

    Coupon 2 adds a free product2 to the cart, with minimum purchase

    Coupon 3 adds a free 2.5% discount to each products in the cart, no minimum purchase, maximum of 25%t

    Each coupon also displays a unique Terms and conditions checkbox.

    How do we accomplish this?

    Here is a link to a mock jpeg of how it may look:
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     a year ago


    I think you will need a developer to do this as it would require altering code within the cart. Looking at the image, looks like you are using a one page extension? If so, then the altering would have to be done in the extension.