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     7 years ago


    A company wants to give their employees a specific product from our shop as bonus. But they only want to give it to the employees which are interested in this product. So we figured out the give them coupons with a 100 % discount.

    The product costs 118 euro include 19% tax. When I make a specific product coupon of 100% discount I'll get this calculation

    Subtotal 118,00

    Discount 99,16

    Total -0,00

    Tax 3,01

    When I change the coupon into an amount of 118 I'll have the same issue.

    Where in the h#ll is tis tax comining from? there isn't selected a shipper yet.

    Kind regards,

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     7 years ago

    Hi Ruben,

    Not sure. From the discount, you are using 'discount before tax'? On the next screen does the error correct itself? What version of Virtuemart are you using?