Take discount from total order, including shipping

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     8 years ago


    One of my clients wants to be able to sell gift certificates where the discount value comes off the total order, including shipping. They have a flat rate shipping and the discount should cover the products and this.

    Product total: £10
    Shipping: £4.00

    Gift certificate: £25

    £14 comes off the order so there is nothing to pay and £11 is saved for the next order.

    We have the pro version installed but i cant seem to find a way to discount from the full order total.
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     8 years ago

    i just tested a default install of awocoupon pro, and it does discount shipping from gift certificates, using both standard and flex shipping. Can you give me more info that would help me reproduce your problem? or maybe give me access to your dev box with this problem to test? you can pm me the info.