Still any bug in AwoReferral ?

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     6 years ago  last edited a year ago

    Hi,this is my 4th time to purchase Awo Products,i have just made a new order for ".AwoReferral".I like it,but still meet some problem,pls help.

    1) first, can you make sure my purchase (order# 26557) is "AwoReferral Version: Virtuemart 1.1.x" because in order details,it is show "SKU: aworeferral-vm1" ,BUT in "product licenses email" say it is "AwoReferral aworeferral-vm2 ", i just doublt downloading a Wrong file.

    2) When i update the order status through VDM software,i meet an erro message:

    require_once() [function.require]:
    Failed opening required '/home/.../administrator/components/com_awocoupon/helpers/awolibrary.php'

    It seems i lost the file "awolibrary.php' ?

    3) how to view summary of points, payout balances in their account frontend ?when i build a new menu,i choose template to "referring a friend", but there is none field we can view summary in frontend. only admin can check it.

    4) when i login with my own username,then,just referring a friend (email i write my another one,).soon,i find the email appears under "referral" title in AwoReferral backend.

    But when i enabled a username with that "friend email" in backend.
    it still say "unregistered username" and not show the friend "username" in AwoReferral backend.does it means we only accept the referraling register from frontend?

    5) i have added a rule: "Sponsor Rule triggered by order"
    when the referraling register confirmed an order. none credit produced at all.

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     6 years ago


    I will reply to each point:

    1) checked your files and you are fine, you have the correct file/license.
    2) You must have a pretty old version of AwoCoupon. I would suggest that you upgrade. If you do not want to upgrade, that is fine also, put an empty file named awolibrary.php in administrator/components/com_awocoupon/helpers. This file is called for the json_encode / json_decode function as older versions of php do not have it. If your version of php is 5.2 or greater, then you will not need the awolibrary file.
    3) When building a menu, there are 3 items you can choose from:
    - Credit history: shows all your credits received including points
    - Invitation form: a form for customers to fill out and earn coupons/points
    - Referral list: shows the referrals the customer has entered
    4 and 5) I believe the reason you are not seeing point is because of the awolibrary.php error from number 2.
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     6 years ago


    1) The reason why i don't want to update, is because i would like to keep things in stable and safe,update might broken some thing which already running in good.

    i have many commission ready to pay affiliates,The most worry is in missing all these exist coupon /Value/amount/template..... which i need pay,and exist setting might also lost.

    before I have already tried to install a new version of "awocouponpro",it seems all old coupon and setting template are lost if you could send me the updated file (from version 1.35 to latest one) then i would like to make a upgrade through FTP,I think this way would be better and safe for me.

    2) Yes,after building a empty file "awolibrary.php",all problem solved at once :)

    3) Yes, i have recognized that, now i have to create 3 menus in seperately,it's acceptable,but i think the comfortable way would be setting "All 3 function in one", when customer,submit Invitation form,he can also view "Credit history" or "Referral list" in same page by clicking on "tab". just like the "affiliate plugin" you made.

    By the way,can you also control the list length for "Credit history" and "Referral list".when we bring more results day after day,only 1page to show results will be no enough.

    4) I have a example rule now,could u check if my setting is in correct ?

    for example: I want to pay each Sponsor 5% Credit in each their Invited order.the payout amount is $100 Credit,None payment at all if not reach to $100 Credit, (but need display each order amount and their earned credit )

    Step 1:

    Reward Payout (Automatic)
    Coupon Template: "5%_of_order_no_shipping"
    Coupon Expiration (Days):0
    Minimum Payout Amount: 100 (Credit)

    Step 2:

    Add new rule name "pay for sponsor when amount reach to $100 Credit"
    Customer Type: sponsor
    Payment Type : Instant
    Coupon Template: "5%_of_order_no_shipping"
    Rule Type: Order
    Minimum Order Total Type: All orders
    Minimum Order Total: $2000
    (Question: here order total $2000 will included shipping or not? $2000 *5% = $100 payout, so why we need setting in twice,as i have already set in "STEP 1")

    Additional Question,why in my setting ,the amount show is 0,
    and the "amount" an "paid" under the list is not show "---" at all ?although the payout coupon already generated

    Total Amount: 0
    Claimed Amount: 0
    Unclaimed Amount: 0
    Rule Type Payment Type Coupon Code Amount Paid Timestamp
    Order Instant YJWEdmES --- --- 2012-03-26
    Order Instant eu6CFus68Vf --- --- 2012-03-26
    Order Instant uLsmZUu8 --- --- 2012-03-24

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     6 years ago

    It may be helpful to read this page to understand how to setup a rule:

    Basically, if you want to accumulate 5% credit for orders, then you will need to set:

    Payment Type : Cumulative
    Minimum Order Total Type: Per order
    Minimum Order Total: 0
    Percent of Order Total: 5

    In your scenario, step 1 pays out the total points collected, when the amount is reach. And step 2 (the rule) just collects points per order.

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     6 years ago

    Thanks seyi, I have 2 more question:

    1) In step 2, does the "Percent of Order Total: 5" are included shipping or not ? actually,i want 5% order no shipping

    2) can we show each order points in front end ? (just similar as affiliate plugin), so Sponsor can see how the earning points coming.and know clealy when they will reach to $100 points.

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     6 years ago

    1) Its the order total, including shipping, there is currently no option to change this
    2) If you create a menu link for AwoReferral->Credit History, the points is displayed on the top of that report.